1. 1.All photography equipments prefer to be left alone
    All our photography equipments have been preset any slight tempering would change the setting completely. (This is not applicable to photo shoot studio rental by photographers)

  1. 2.Shoes should stay outside the studio
    We do not allow shoes in the studio for we do not want to charge you extra of S$50 for dirtying or damaging the background paper.  Having said that, should you prefer to shoot with shoes, please bring along NEW or CLEAN ones.

  1. 3.Food is not allowed
    We discourage food in the studio to avoid dirtying of the studio especially the background paper which would render a penalty charge of $50.

  1. 4.Nudity strictly not allowed
    We are all for creativity and being adventurous, but we strictly do not allowed nudity or any form of obscene, undesirable behavior in the studio.

  1. 5.Only Legalized pets*** are allowed in the studio
    While we welcome pets for your photo shoot, we only allow legalized pets* and maximum 2 pets are allowed in the studio at any one time. Your pets will be charged according to our self portraiture rates.

  1. 6.Know your way to Cheezz Studio
    This ensure timely arrival for the photo shoot which in turn maximize your $ and experience.  However, in any case, if you are late, we regret to inform you that no make replacement will be given.  However, you can choose to extend the hours, but subjected to availability.

*** List of legalized pets according to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore:

Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse, Chinchilla, Red-eared slider, birds (birds listed in the CITES Appendices must have papers)

Fish (fish listed in the CITES Appendices must have papers), Land Hermit Crab, Green tree frog, Malayan box turtle (CITES Appendix II)


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