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  1. 1.What to Wear?
    While we might have defied all rules of traditional serious studio photo shoot, some tips are still great to follow particularly on attires. But remember, at Cheezz Studio, it is okay to be adventurous.

  1. 2.Avoid too tight outfits for it might show everything you intend to hide:  on the other hand, oversize outfits would add a size or two to you and make you look heavier.Try not to wear outfits with too busy patterns, stripes, signs, logos etc.  2-3 matching solid colors, neutral colors such as grey, black and white goes well with any colors thus safe.

                -Ensure your garments are ironed and clean.
                -Stay Classic in term of Style if unsure as it always works
                -Should you have preferred accessories to go with your attire, do remember to bring along.
                -If possible, match colors of attire with the background colors you have selected.

  1. 3.Get ready familiar items such as toys, pillows etc (but no food) for your little ones.  This might help to settle them and put them at ease for better results.

  1. 4.Think about who you want to be and how you want to say that. Use costume, props and pose to convey your personality.  Staring blankly at the camera hardly gets good results. Be silly, don’t be afraid to over-act. After all, at CheezzStudio, with our 32' monitor, you can see your own photo appears after every shot. 

  1. 5.Above all, whatever you do,

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